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About Us

Seibukan is a club that teaches the Muso Shinden Ryu style of Iaido, a traditional Japanese Martial Art.  A sister art to Kendo, Iaido is not dueling but is instead using the sword directly from the sheath to attack and defend.  It is non contact and uses a Japanese sword.  



Neil is the dojo leader of Seibukan Ashford and has been a student of Iaido for over a decade.  He holds third dan and is a BKA qualified level 1 coach.


Kris passed her third dan exam in 2019.  Kris has represented Great Britain in Iaido, and won Silver at the Iai Nationals


Trevor has been learning Iai for 5 years and passed Shodan in 2019.  


Lessons are £42 per calendar month for Thursday's if paid in advance on the first of the month, or £12 at the door.  Sunday's are £28 if paid in advance ,or £9 at the door.  Your first lesson is free to come and watch and get an idea if it's for you.   If you're interested in giving it a try please drop us an email to let us know you're coming.  Over 18s only.

Admission to the dojo is at the discretion of the dojo leader.


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When beginning

For your first lesson come in loose fitting clothing (a tracksuit for example).  You will need knee pads and a bokken to begin training.  If you want to purchase these through the club they will cost £40.  You will need to purchase a temporary membership from the British Kendo Association which will give you 3 months trial membership and insurance.  It costs £10 and gives you a chance to give the art a try.  If you want to continue after this you will need to upgrade your membership to a year.  It costs around £25 a year.  Please visit www.britishkendoassociation.com for more details.

Membership and admission to the dojo is subject to a trial period.

Polite footnote: No wannabe Jedi please, and also no people that want to take cosplay pictures of themselves in the mirror with swords in the clobber on our time.  I've got hard working students and it's not fair to waste their time.  If you're serious about learning a martial art full of history that's a little different, you'll be most welcome.